What we’re playing, July 2019

As early as Monday, Pedro Marques dos Santos published his review on Fire Emblem: Three Houses , the excellent debut of the turn-based RPG series on Nintendo Switch and will surely bring many new players into its ranks. In turn, Pedro Martins shared his verdict on Wolfenstein: Youngblood , the spin-off of the series currently run by MachineGames that did not fully live up to expectations. Finally, Pedro Marques dos Santos returned to Hawkins, but this one in playable format to analyze Stranger Things 3: The Game.

Silver Chains does not seem to understand the natural path of horror games very well in the last decade. During these minutes I dedicated to you, Cracked Heads’ work presented itself above all as an open door to the genre’s past, revealing mechanics that seem to have come straight from the titles published at the beginning of the millennium.

There are easy scares, puzzles to solve, and a story that, at least for now, still makes no sense. There are also huge clichés already used by other works: an accident that moves us to a sinister mansion, a lot of confusion in the protagonist’s motives, and of course a mysterious creature chasing us.

Is everything bad? No. Even though the jumpscars reveal some laziness, other moments are marked by tension. Even when we are just exploring the scenery, our hearts never have a great rest. Unfortunately, it is a voltage that almost always has the same relief valve.

Even playing at maximum graphics settings, Silver Chains has not really impressed me yet, despite running on Unreal Engine. It is still early to make a definitive judgment, but I do not think it offers anything truly new to the classics that hit the market several years ago.

After a long break from the moment I started Dragon Quest Builders 2 and first brought it to this rubric, I’m finally back to the title that marries the world of Dragon Quest with the mechanics of Minecraft. I am still in the first area of ​​the game, that is, I am still dedicating my time to rebuilding a farm left behind.

Again, it didn’t take many minutes with Dragon Quest Builders 2 to find myself completely lost in building what my allies are asking me to do, and later customizing these spaces to add some beauty to their initial functionality. The fact that the game offers constructions that must be executed following a detailed plan of what we have been asked for, with others in which only small indicators are given to us, allows the player to always be connected, but not tied, to a lead.

At the time of the original release, I mentioned that Dragon Quest Builders was Minecraft for unimaginative people and the same remains true in the sequel. Thanks to a constant supply of goals and missions, the motivation to continue building never goes away.

I have already passed the first dungeon of Pillars of Eternity, which already shows a good adaptation of the console controls, one of the first details to which I was most attentive. However, there is a clear layer of gameplay yet to be revealed, namely the processes associated with the skills to which I do not yet have access.

Virtually all buttons are used so that we can access our characters’ intricate mechanics and information system as well as the world around us. Although the game is literally paused (whenever we engage in combat the work immediately pauses), it is nonetheless complicated. An RPG of this caliber always has a very high level of complexity.

Fortunately, we do not have to fight the controls, enough monsters and enemies of medieval fantasy are enough where the dense narrative takes us to lands desolated by evil entities. But one guesses that the biggest evil of the game will be the console’s own battery, not an enemy that shows its very clear intentions of us wanting to reap life.

However, being able to follow this Obisidian story is a feat in itself. Since the creation of the character we feel a great narrative complexity, with difficult to pronounce places, there is a whole society with different races, classes and subclasses of individuals. For this reason, those who buy Pillars of Eternity have to set aside long hours of sessions so as not to lose the edge.