What we are playing, November 2019

Early Monday, Pedro Martins kicked off his analysis with Blazing Chrome , a work that draws inspiration from Contra and Metal Slug, while the following day Pedro Marques dos Santos revealed his first impressions of his time with Fire. Emblem: Three Houses , the long-awaited debut of the Nintendo Switch strategy role-playing series.

On Wednesday there was another preview, this time by Filipe Urriça and about another exclusive of Nintendo’s hybrid console, namely Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 . In addition, Pedro Martins published his verdict on The Sinking City , yet another experience based on the HP Lovecraft universe.

Just yesterday, Filipe Urriça returned to charge with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 , now sharing his final opinion on the game played by countless characters from the Marvel world, while Pedro Martins marched on Netflix and wrote about the newly debuted third. part of La Casa de Papel .

Without further ado, stay with the works that the team decided to highlight this week.

Pedro Martins, Content Director – Eagle Island, PC

It’s been hard to forget Eagle Island when I’m not playing it. Not that Pixelnicks’ work is a video game colossus on all its fronts, but because the world is incredibly beautiful, conveying a keen curiosity to explore every nook and cranny of randomly generated scenarios.

For those unfamiliar with the title, we are looking at a platform proposal where we throw an owl at our enemies. Along the way, we unlock new skills thanks to feathers, and we can alternate between attacks, choosing the one that best suits the situation we are in.

We also have temporary improvements, some of which are hidden in chests that we can open thanks to the collection of coins that are left in the scenarios by the downed enemies. This is the way the producer has found to try to diversify the gameplay of its title, with the player choosing what he wants to do with the processes that are left on the table.

Attacking with our owl – at first it is two, but a huge eagle has stolen the second – allows the protagonist to be momentarily stationary in the air, with this state being extended as long as they hit the enemies. It is also the player who points where he wants to shoot the owl, a process that is slightly adjusted with the possibility, for example, of hitting more than one enemy with a blow, but also freezing them or hitting them with a blow. electric

Eagle Island does not want, at least for now, to be an “impossible” platformer, so it is only natural that they die, but as long as they approach each screen with some cold blood and planning, these levels will be exceeded, even when we are Talking about Bosses , vital in how they get their new skills.

But back to the graphics of the game. They have the main area with several entrances that lead you to huge areas that work with a separate, themed “world”. Not only is this a rush of nostalgia in high definition, but every world has countless details that make our stay enjoyable and credible.

Whether in the forest, in the desert (where we are even entitled to see small distortions in the scenery that illustrate the heat, in the mines or, of course, in the water, everything has been designed to make sense without ever losing its magic side). There is a map (and runes that make it easier to orientate), but several times my will was, and remains, simply to lose me.

As a platformer, Eagle Island has not surprised or charmed me to the point of becoming a priority. However, like staying in a heavenly place, the world created by Pixelnicks will be remembered by all who experience it. The atmospheric sense is immaculate, clearly conveying the notion of adventure on a remote island.

Before you buy it, though, it might be a good idea to try the demo . Test the system controls and find out whether or not you are interested in exploring the full version. As a footnote is the information that we are talking about a roguelite , that is, know that the progression system has this particularity. And yes, the most fearless can even participate in a mode of permanent death.

Peter Marques dos Santos, Copywriter – Dragon Quest Builders 2, Switch

Despite continuing to accumulate many hours in Judgment – accountant is already close to three dozen – this week I bring to this space another title that promises me to steal many hours this summer: Dragon Quest Builders 2. I am an unconditional fan of the original title , a work that managed to make the perfect match between the formula popularized by Minecraft and the RPG elements of Dragon Quest when everything seemed to indicate that there was no great need for their existence.

I haven’t played enough of the sequel yet to see how the original formula is improved and optimized, because I’m still at a stage where the work insists on bombarding the player with long, inconsequential dialogues and takes time to give more interesting goals to do, or that is, to collect and build. The charm is still present and the effectiveness of the missions in giving more objectivity to our buildings also remains the same, so it remains to be seen how the experience will evolve with the accumulation of hours.

Filipe Urriça, Copywriter – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Switch

This week I played and finished promising Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, but the apparent gaps make the game boring in the long run. Today I will write in the rubric for the third and last time about the exclusive Nintendo Switch, if you have not read the review can read it on our site .

The multiplayer concept with superheroes continues to work very well despite some flaws. However, inviting someone to play with you means having to briefly explain what you have to do to win. It’s not just hammering the buttons and waiting for something to happen.

But once everything is explained, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is much better appreciated for what it is. This is a celebration of Marvel’s heroes, of the many stories that have been told over the years through various forms of entertainment. And there are still many narratives to tell more broadly, for those who are unaware of them and curious to know them.

It’s also with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 that players with a Nintendo Switch will be able to do what the console does best: multiplayer. But since the game has the ability to play solo, it’s sad to see that the campaign was especially designed for multiplayer. I have nothing against it, but it becomes frustrating to play with an AI devoid of what it needs to be what it is: intelligence.