WayForward Announces Vitamin Connection, A New Exclusive Switch

Limited Run Games will publish a physical edition of the work.

WayForward has announced that it is developing Vitamin Connection, a new work that will be published exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Still with no release date or price set, we know however that the work will support up to two players at once, who can thus experience “a varied gameplay unlike anything in the system”.

In more concrete terms, Vitamin Connection will allow players to wear the skin of Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl while taking control of a “tiny” ship known as the Capsule Ship. The goal will be to fight off harmful bacteria within living organisms.

During the adventure it is known that we will have the opportunity to use Vitamin Beam, a special claw-shaped tool and to navigate the “labyrinth” levels, trying to rescue members of the Sable family.

In addition to combat sequences, Vitamin Connection levels will feature small games such as rhythm challenges, Pong-style reflex tests, and more. It seems clear that WayForward is taking care that gameplay doesn’t become repetitive too soon.

As mentioned earlier, besides being solo experience, the work will feature a local multiplayer component for two players. Cooperation will be at the center of everything as one player controls the movement of the ship and the shots, while the second is responsible for the rotation of the ship and aiming.

Interestingly, before reaching the Nintendo Switch eShop, Vitamin Connection will be released in physical format in the Limited Run Games catalog. Unfortunately, neither version has a confirmed release day yet. As a footnote is also the information that Vitamin Connection will feature six scenarios and will be compatible with Joy-Con’s HD Rumble.