The Falconeer’s aerial fantasy hits PC in 2020

The Falconeer is a fantasy Role Playing Game that will be published on PC in 2020, as announced in a new video that anticipates its presence at Gamescom 2019.

The open-air work will take place at Great Ursee, where players can explore with the help of its aerial mount . The world promises to be a major highlight, offering breathtaking bleak views – from the clouds to the blue seas.

Not everything will be a walk in the park, however, as The Falconeer will feature rival factions who are searching for hidden relics of the Ursee gods and forgotten ancestors. Players will thus have to participate in intense battles for the dominion of the heavens.

We also know that the work will feature dynamic air combat mechanics, ranged attacks and aerial stunts. In addition to enemy clans, players will need to be safe from airships, flying scarabs, rays and even weavers.

The game is being developed by a single person, Tomas Sala, who is mostly known for his work on Moonpath to Elsweyr, a mod for Skyrim. Sala also founded the publisher and producer Little Chicken Game Company, which features several published mobile and Virtual Reality titles.

The Falconeer will be published on PC sometime in 2020 by Wired Productions, which has released several independent works such as The Town of Light, Close to the Sun and GRIP: Combat Racing.