PES Club Guide 2019

Know how to get licensed equipment for Serie A, La Liga and Premier League.

With one more entry into the acclaimed Konami simulation series coming to market, the ever-active Pro Evolution Soccer community is already working hard to mitigate one of the biggest issues that each year slightly affects the level of immersion in the experience, that is, the absence of some licenses for both major leagues and their competitions.

This problem is still present in PES 2019 – despite efforts to include more fully licensed leagues than in the recent past, including the NOS League – but adding the official equipment and emblems of teams that need licensing is once again an extremely simple process. and not too long.

So we’ve written a guide to describe the process step by step so that you can start early on to enjoy the new iteration of the football simulation series with as many licensed teams as possible.

Note: This method is only valid for PES 2019 PlayStation 4 version.

PES Guide 2019 – What they need to add official equipment and badges

As mentioned earlier, the process of editing and adding official team equipment and badges is still very easy, so all you need to do is transfer the files to your computer and then transport them to PS4 using a Pen Drive. (Remember that the Pen must be formatted in FAT32.)

PES Guide 2019 – Adding Official Equipment and Badges

The first step involves transferring the files. You can download  here  (Credits: PESVicioBR ) files relating to Premier League, La Liga and Juventus by Cristiano Ronaldo.

After extracting the files, they just have to put all the content on the Pen Drive inside a folder called WEPES. Insert the Pen Drive on PS4 and start PES 2019.

From the main menu, scroll to the Extras section and choose Edit. Then you have to select the Import / Export option.

In the new menu, select the Import Team option and after a short load period, press the square button to select all files and then click the Access Detailed Settings option that appears at the top of the list.

On the next screen, do not activate any of the options displayed and simply do OK to start the import process, which will take a few minutes. After the process is complete, you only have to save the editable data.

Note: Files are also included to replace the licensed competition logos, and the process is essentially the same as the only difference is that you will need to select the Import Competition option instead of Import Team.