PES 2020 Review

The name may have changed, but our time with the demo shows that the quality within the four lines remains intact.

It started out as Pro Evolution Soccer – affectionately abbreviated to Pro or Pro Evo by gamers – it switched to PES with the entry into high definition and now presents itself as eFootball PES, a very questionable decision by the marketing team that gave the green light to the change. . Terminology changes aside, what matters most to fans of the series and the genre is that Konami doesn’t seem to be slowing down in support of one of its catalog’s biggest assets.

Admittedly, she often seems doomed to a battle with FIFA that she can scarcely win, but PES has not yet lowered her arms in her quest to deliver the best football simulation experience on the market with regard to action within the four lines. . Even without its rival’s so-important licenses or variety of game modes – or, perhaps even more relevantly, a mode of the Ultimate Team dimension – the Japanese publisher series still retains an important legion of fans.

And this is achieved because the latest entries in the series are simply a delight to play. While what surrounds the central focus of the gaming experience often falls short, the quality of football on the pitch keeps us coming back to play in highly rewarding matches. Scoring a goal in PES or finally getting that pass that completely destroys a defensive line that seemed impenetrable provides a sense of satisfaction, of work well done that is unparalleled anywhere else.

As surely as so many others, we have already played several games with the playable eFootball PES 2020 demo that was released late last month and once again is in the retina the fluidity with which the games unfold. Gameplay news is, as usual, only incremental, but that’s no problem when what already existed was pretty good right away. Essentially, judging by this sample, the new entry in the series may have changed its name, but it has not changed the quality level that defines it.

One of the most publicized news is the Finesse Dribling, a mechanic that allows players with more ball touch and with the help of the command trigger to make more drastic and sudden changes of direction. This means that players now have a distinct ability to overtake their opponent in one on one situations, a solution that avoids the usual dependence on the speed and acceleration ability of the footballer they are controlling and their direct opponents.

Still, it is clearly a mechanic that requires some learning time to master properly, so don’t be surprised if you get easily disarmed the first few times you try to use it. Another of the introductions is something the producer calls Inspire. Briefly, this mechanic wants the teammates’ Artificial Intelligence to adapt to the player who has the ball in order to get the most out of its quality, whether it makes room for a shot or breakthrough passes. Right now, it’s still hard to see the real impact of this mechanic on gameplay.

Most noticeable are the improvements in Artificial Intelligence in reaction to game situations, ie opponents are more reactive in intercepting passes and trying to block shots. This makes players more dynamic in bounce moments. All of this is grounded in excellent quality and diversity of animations that makes every action throughout the game perform with remarkable fluidity.

Also noteworthy is the change in the default game camera that is a little farther from the action, thus offering a wider lawn plan. It may cause some initial awkwardness, but the new angle allows for better insight into the teammates ‘movements as well as the defenses’ positioning, thus helping to highlight the improvements in Artificial Intelligence and behavior. also facilitating game construction, especially in terms of long passes and flank variations.

Unsurprisingly, the PES 2020 eFootball demo confirms that the quality of football practiced within the four lines remains formidable, even without news that revolutionizes the way it is played. It remains to be seen whether new game mode offerings are sufficient to give you greater robustness in a year when the FIFA series is betting heavily on the FIFA Street-inspired Volta mode.