Own a PlayStation 4? Here are some Tips & Tricks You Should Know

If you want to improve your experience with the PlayStation 4, whether it’s just coming for Christmas or have it since its launch, there are several options you should know to make sure you get the most out of your console.

How Do I Put The PS4 In Sleep Mode?

You must go to  Settings> Energy Saving Settings> Set Functions available in sleep mode and select the options you want to use. Power supply to the USB ports will allow you to keep the charge of the controllers that are connected after the console is turned off,   staying connected to the Internet will allow your PS4 to download update files and content for your games at all times. If you choose to keep  the application suspended, you can jump from a game or application and continue from where you left off.

Once you have at least one of the options selected, press the power button on the PS4, select power on the main screen, or press and hold the PS button on the remote and select power from the quick menu to enter sleep mode. To know what is activated the light bar (in the original model) or power button (in the Slim or Pro model) will turn orange.

How Do I Make PS4 Controls Last Longer?

Settings> Devices> Drivers, reduce the brightness of the DUALSHOCK 4 bar light. You can also visit Settings> Energy saving settings> Set the time in which the control will be turned off, when it is not in use, for example, if you start watching a movie, the correct thing is that it is not more than 30 min on.

How To Use Headphones On The PS4?

For most headphones, just plug them into the 3.5mm jack jack of the control. But if you want all the sound, instead of just chatting, you should go to the headphones, for this press and hold the PS button to access the quick menu and select  Sound / Devices> Headphone Output> All Audio.

If the headphones work with the optical cable, you must connect it to the digital (optical) output port on the back of the PS4 (the PS4 slim has no optical output), so you will have to use an adapter designed for your headset.

How Can I Download PS4 Games?

It might seem basic, but remember that for many, this could be their first console, to buy and download games you must go to the PlayStation Store  that is its icon to the left of the home screen (you must create an account), you are looking The titles that interest you. Best of all, there are a lot of demos, but if you’re going to buy something, you must register a bank card or have a prepaid card. If you have already purchased an item and have not yet downloaded it on your PS4, you must access it by entering the library on the main screen choose Acquired from the menu on the left and that’s it.

If your PS4 is in idle status (see above), then you can send downloads remotely. Go to the  PlayStation Store  from a computer, click on your account and choose the download list. This will show all the items available in your account, press  Download on your PS4 to put them to download on the console, and ready for when you return home they will already be on your console.

How Do I Put The PS4 In Safe Mode?

To enter the safe mode, it is necessary to turn off the PS4 completely (not in sleep mode) and then press and hold the power button for 7 seconds and you will hear a second beep. You should have the USB cable at hand because it will ask you to connect your control in this way, so you can access the menu in a safe way where you can solve many of the possible problems that your console is presenting.

How Can I Update The PS4 Firmware?

If you have configured your console correctly, so that it is in saving mode and connected to the Internet all the time, your console will download the firmware automatically and you will only have to install it, usually you should automatically receive a notification on the PS4 when A new firmware update is available, you can go to Settings> System software update.

An important fact is that if you cannot connect to the PSN or play online, before calling your internet provider, verify in downloads, alerts or with the previous step that you do not have a pending update, some of them disable the option of play online.

Does It Verify The Amount Of Space Available On Your Hard Drive?

Go to Settings> Storage management system. Remember that most of the games make an installation on your console and it does not know when you already sold or stopped playing a game, so there will continue to take up space, the correct thing is that if you sold, you changed or gave a game, to the to erase it from your hard drive to free up that space.

How To Replace The Hard Drive?

If for some reason, despite the previous tip of erasing your facilities after selling your games is not enough, we give you the specifications that your new replacement hard disk must meet, this must be a 2.5-inch SATA II drive run at less 5,400 rpm and no more than 9.5 mm thick.

Although it is best to read a section on the web, for formatting and steps to follow.

How To Transfer Data From One PS4 To Another?

If you are a lucky person who bought a PS4 Pro, the first thing is not wanting to lose your progress, apps, settings, theme and everything you have in your current console, the good thing is that in a very easy way, you can transfer your data. To do this, you must connect both to an Ethernet cable and then go to  Settings> System> Data transfer from another PS4 you must follow the instructions on the screen and you’re done.

Can I Do The Game Exchange On Your New Ps4?

If you did the previous step or simply bought a new console, because the previous one you sold it, it broke down, you must perform this step, so that things purchased with your PSN account can be played. It is necessary to have logged in to the PSN account and although it is true that you can play on different consoles with your account, the truth is that only one can be used at a time, although placing it as the main one, this command.

Do I Need A Subscription To Play Online Games?

The answer is yes and it is not cheap, for this you can do it through the PlayStation Store or by buying a code to redeem, there are several options, from 30 days, 3 months or annual option.

How Can I Save My Advances Online?

If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, one of the extras is to be able to save your progress in the cloud, to see if this option go to  Settings> Management of saved application data> Auto-Upload.

How To Use PS4 as a Media Server?

To use the PS4 as a media server, first download the “Media Player” application from the PlayStation store. Then on your PC install the  universal Media Server  and configure it to make its media folders available for access on your home network.

Can You Play PS3 Games On PS4?

THE answer is NO, if you put a PS3 disc it will not read it.

Does PS4 Play CD & DVD?

The PS4 will only play DVDs in HD and cannot play CDs. If you want to listen to music, you can use  Spotify to  stream from your PC or by transferring your CDs to mp3 to a USB.

What is 4K Compatible?

The PS4 Pro supports 4K only in games, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Video, the other versions of PS4 does not support 4K.

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