No Man’s Sky Initial Beginner Guide

No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinitely generated procedural galaxy. In other words you can go wherever you want, explore the entire universe, take any course and visit any star you see in the distance.

It has an interstellar map built by the experience of all who have played it, additionally with these players you can exchange resources, get improvements in suits and spaceships.

In this game you can find unimaginable worlds, as well as transportation and resources to be able to make your exploration, every time you arrive in a world you are told where the resources are, you will have to explore to arrive and the more advances, the more resources you will have.

No Man’s Sky is an action, adventure and science fiction sandbox developed and published by Hello Games for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. This presents an open world generated by procedures.

The guide that we present today will help you integrate your moves in a better way, achieving a better oriented experience for your entertainment.

The Wonder of Travelling to New Worlds

“Space, the last frontier. These are the voyages of the starship… ”If you remember this complete phrase this game is for you, galaxy explorers whose sole purpose is to find new worlds to meet them and return loaded with resources and thus improve your exploration tools.

In No Man’s Sky you can travel to a distant star system in seconds. Your ship is always well identified on the screen and the navigation bar on the screen will always help you find your way back.

So you don’t really have to worry so much about finding your way home, but about getting enough resources to grow as an explorer, do not hesitate to walk along the red meadows or approach the strange plants of those three sun worlds, the fauna of these places is also spectacular, but you must be careful, there are dangers that await the most daring.

Fly, Travel & Meet

Upon entering each world you will find that the exploration work includes generating studies on the taxonomy, botany and biology of the place and its species.

With the “Analysis Viewer” and its “Binocular Tagging Device” you can not only find resources but zoom in the creatures.

After a few seconds, a window appears and your viewer records vital statistics. And there you can name them.

I think that if your spirit of adventure is the same as Darwin’s, here you can fly in a million stars.

Don’t Waste Your Energy

How in most civilization games, when you start in No Man’s Sky, you are in need of resources.

Everything you have is broken and the “natural order” dictates that you obtain many resources by exploiting the environment, and that’s fine in other games, but here there are Sentinels that could harm you if they see that you are altering the natural order with exploitation of resources excessive, so be cautious and go slowly.

There is something called “multi laser tool” you should use it in everything, however its energy is limited, as well as your oxygen and strength.

Check this data constantly and keep your levels so that you can make use of your multitool, without being left out, so my advice is: make sure you collect many plants, which do not require lasers and give you isotope power.

You will notice that the strategy varies a little in this game, you will have to be of moderate attitude in obtaining resources and orient your effort in the priorities to be able to perform activities one at a time without finishing without energy or life force.

Explore & investigate Thoroughly

A common situation that happens when you start the game is that nothing you see seems to have any value, however you should approach each pile of scrap metal and each ship, since there you could find remains and materials that you can use to repair your tools or your ship

One of the secrets of this game is that you must carefully observe every aspect that is presented or indicated, approach and review. No Man’s Sky is a challenging experience, but not impossible. The beginning of the game offers you critical resources for free, if you know how to find them.

On the other hand, when they launched the game in 2016, they commented a lot about the possibility that it was a collaborative multiplayer, something difficult to expect, since there is no way that two or more users coincide on the same planet of an infinite universe, However, the proposal is there, maybe the communication portals help you get closer, but the possibility of being on the same planet seems remote.

Save Your Progress

Haven’t found a place to save? Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have it, but don’t worry. Just get on your ship and save the game.

Apparently every session that you accumulate you can develop meetings and gather resources, but if you get to go electric power and your console shuts down, then goodbye to progress.

To avoid this we suggest every certain time to the ship to save the game and then continue exploring the planet where you are. Your vehicle may not be the most powerful, but it will help you save your progress.