Monstrum will also be published on Switch

The Monstrum horror and survival game will also be published on Nintendo Switch, it was confirmed this afternoon in a statement sent to

The work has been available since 2015 on PC, and is also expected on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, versions that had already been confirmed. In the console trio, Monstrum will be entitled to digital and physical versions, is also announced by Soedesco.

Putting survival at the forefront, Monstrum has progressively generated levels, permanent deaths, and predators “guided by Artificial Intelligence.” The environment of the work of terror is described as “sinister” and “always changing, never truly safe.”

Monstrum is also known to take place in a beached cargo boat where players are chased by one of the terrifying predators as they seek a way out. The producer stresses again that “death is death” and that “die in Monstrum and have to start all over”.

Each of these predators, the statement continues, “has its own strategy, skills and weaknesses.” Whenever you begin the adventure in Monstrum, you will face a different scenario and creature.

The PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One versions of the game do not have a confirmed release day yet. You can, however, watch the video announcing the Nintendo console version right now.