How to transfer data from PS4 to PS4 Pro

With the launch of PlayStation 4 Pro, the most powerful version of Sony’s home console that is capable of delivering HDR-compatible experiences and 4K resolution, approaching with great strides, the Japanese publisher today released important information to gamers. interested in making the leap to the new console.

This will give you all the steps and tips you need to transfer data from your original PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 4 Pro, including your games, saved data and settings. It is important to mention, however, that this process can also be used if you want to transition, for example from an original 500GB PS4 to a 1TB PS4.

Material Required

To transfer data between the original PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, the only additional equipment you’ll need is an Ethernet cable. Of course, both consoles will have to be connected at the time of transfer and must have an Internet connection.

Transfer Process

Now that you have the necessary material at your disposal, just follow the steps below to complete the transfer.

Confirm that both consoles involved in the process are up to date with system version 4.0 or higher;

Connect both consoles to the Internet, either via Wi-Fi or additional Ethernet cables, and sign in to PSN. During this process, only PS4 Pro will have to be connected to your television;

After you sign in to PS4 Pro, the console will take you to a screen where you will be asked if you would like to transfer your data from the old console to the latest one. Just follow the onscreen instructions to begin the transfer process.

PS4 Transfer Image‚Äč

Connect the two consoles through the aforementioned Ethernet cable;

After this step you will be presented with a screen that will give you the choice of data you want to transfer to the new console, and you can choose to download all or just certain content such as game / app data, saved data, settings, game images, videos and themes. (They will always be informed of how much free space will remain on the new console after the download.)

Once the transfer is complete, the last step will aim to make the new console your main PS4. Again, you just have to follow the onscreen instructions to do so.

  • What will be transferred
  • All game related data, including saved data;
  • All folders created;
  • All videos and images you have captured;
  • All information regarding the trophies that have been synchronized;
  • All messages received and sent through PSN;
  • Information from all user accounts that have logged into your console with their PSN ID;
  • What will not be transferred
  • Passwords for PSN, Netflix and other applications will not be transferred;
  • Data from users who use your console without signing in to PSN;
  • Trophies that have not been synchronized;

Finally, it should be noted that if you start using the new console before transferring, all data recorded so far will be erased and also that the original console will not lose any data after the transfer.