How To Clean & Take Care of your Gaming Consoles

How much did you pay for that Nintendo Switch ? Do you remember how much your PS3 or PS4 cost you ? Yes, it was a significant amount of money. With the passage of time, thanks to its optimal operation, neglect the care and do not provide the minimum maintenance to these delicate, but sophisticated products.

Thinking about that, in TierraGamer we set ourselves the task of listing 5 basic tips to keep your consoles safe so that their duration exceeds decades.

Shake daily

One of the deadly enemies of the world of video games is dust. The only way to keep our consoles away from these small particles that we only notice until they accumulate is by regularly shaking and covering the devices with some cloth when we do not use them.

Cleaning the dust helps keep the ventilation spaces of the console open and the heat dissipates during these long games. Passing a dry rag or even a “dust lifts” duster is enough. At least once a week use compressed air to clean the most complicated corners.

Use them in open spaces (not next to a window)

Nintendo Switch

The consoles require places where the air circulates for optimum operation. Imagine that you put it in space where you can’t literally breathe. This will overheat and its components will wear out faster. Internal fans are not enough to maintain a regular temperature.

Now, to show off, one console is usually joined side by side. That is a serious mistake, because the air does not circulate correctly. Have you ever wondered what these huge fans are for computers? To avoid overheating and preservation of the equipment.

Xbox One

Do you eat with dirty cutlery in your home? Do not! True? That same precept should serve with controls, which get dirty in a short period. The same goes for the remote to change the television channels, you worry until it stops working.

Run a semi damp cloth to remove that accumulated soil. Those antibacterial towels serve perfectly. The cables also accumulate a lot of dust. They also deserve important care.


Both cartridges and discs are very delicate objects. A rayon can ruin the life of a Blu-ray or DVD, while the dust damages the cartridges, however tiny they may be.

The discs are very easy to clean and even revive, you just need the right material. Don’t use alcohol to remove those scratches. Although it sounds far-fetched, the Armor All combined with a lot of patience to polish revives games that seemed lost.

Video game room

Spending time shaking and cleaning your consoles should go hand in hand with keeping the place where you play neat. Sweep, wipe, mop or vacuum at least once a week. Not only will it smell better, the atmosphere to play will be much friendlier and it will be a pleasure to invite your friends “to the challenge”.

Take these basic tips into account and you will see that your consoles will last a long time without problems.