Gears 5 Reaches Gold, Achievements List Released

Gears 5 has reached the Gold phase, meaning production is finished, as announced in a message posted on the Xbox Wire .

This means The Coalition’s work is ready to begin the process of duplicating discs that will be shipped to stores, while the team can devote the remaining days to any upgrades.

“Of all of us at The Coalition, we couldn’t be more excited about sharing Gears 5 with the world. I want to thank the team here who worked so hard for our fans, and we hope everyone is as excited as we are to play Gears 5, ”wrote Rod Fergusson, studio manager.

“This is the furthest we take this series, living our studio’s mantra of ‘if you want to get far go together’” is also mentioned in the message.

Matt Booty, head of Xbox Games Studios, also put a few words into the moment, stating that “I am very proud of what The Coalition team has achieved.”

“Not only is it the biggest Gears game ever, it’s also the most technically refined, with 60 frames per second 4K HDR gameplay on Xbox One X, cross-play in all modes between Xbox and Windows 10 and Steam , and updated accessibility features such as support for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, ”he added.

To celebrate the event was also released the list of Achievements that will be part of the game, as you can see here . Microsoft has taken account of the story’s narrative developments and has not placed spoilers on the list, so they can refer to it without fear.

Gears 5 will be published on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Players who have an Xbox Game Pass subscription will have access to the game at no charge.