EA details FIFA 20 Lap mode

As the release gets closer and closer, EA Sports continues to detail FIFA 20 news, the next entry in the football simulation series that has dominated the genre in recent years, now highlighting Volta mode. , one of the most exciting introductions in the series for the new season.

Speaking to DualShockers , Jefferey Antwi, Producer of Volta Mode, explained that it will feature a narrative component of approximately six hours, which will make players explore the world and participate in games with different rules and number of players. The skill and reputation of the player-created footballer will increase as they progress, but those of your teammates will not change, so you will need to recruit players from your opponents to strengthen your pool.

In addition, the extensive customization options of the players’ equipment were also highlighted, as it is mentioned that in street football style is often as important as skill. Personalization items are obtained through coins earned by completing matches and are frequently promised news on this post-release mode component.

As far as gameplay is concerned, feints and skillful touches will be much more affordable to perform than in traditional 11-to-11 games, with passes being performed more spectacularly based on the skill of the player in question rather than at the press of a button.