Dr. Mario World is a game too well adapted to the market in which it belongs

As a result, it suffers from the same problems as King-created games like Candy Crush.

Nintendo is one of the most prestigious console producers and manufacturers in the world. It is not for delivering technologically advanced products that Kyoto’s house has gained this status, but for sticking to its principles and continuing to create games for the sake of gameplay. Dr. Mario World betrays the philosophy of the company that has Mario as a mascot, becoming a creation that meets the needs of investors, not players.

Farmville is one of the best known games associated with Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. It was here that a business model, now known as free-to-play , with microtransactions, grew and inspired other creators to follow this example, especially for the iOS and Android markets. After Zynga got rich at Farmville’s expense, it was King.com that gained notoriety with Candy Crush; It was the exorbitant profits of this game, now owned by Activision, that Nintendo belatedly sought to achieve.

Dr. Mario World is a puzzle game. There are viruses that need cleaning up with miracle pills that, when piled up on small representative creatures of viruses, eliminates them. A virus of a particular color must be eliminated with two tablet halves of the same color. It’s a game that combines simple processes, gradually complicating what you can do to clean a single virus. Usually there are several mechanics that block the virus, making it impossible for us to eliminate it at once. At later levels you may have to open cages, defrost viruses, blast bubbles, or even break bricks to reach the viruses they have to eliminate.

The big challenge of the game lies in our ability to surpass the level with the predefined amount of tablets we have available. All levels have been designed with a different number of pills, which sometimes makes us feel smart when too many pills are left or frustrated when we don’t figure out what the level we have in front of us for failing over and over. There are some levels where I have inexplicably been blocked. And when we are given a time limit to find out the fastest and most efficient way to clean up viruses, the game becomes incredibly difficult and frustrating. Sometimes the pieces with the colors we need do not appear and we have to decide what to do until we get to the other ones that suit us best.

Usually if I have space I let the pieces fall slowly while using the following. Or I use the technique of dragging pieces to where I want, crossing creatures or other blocks that exist in the level. Lastly, I try to use my character’s power to see if I can clear a line that will allow me to finish the level as quickly and with as few pills as possible.

As I scratch my head looking for a solution to my problem, I realize why all these obstacles are. I know who plays Candy Crush and has had the same difficulties. After all, this is a free-to-play game , either we pay cash to make it easy for us or we continue to exhaustion hoping that slightly different virus or tablet colors will appear.

Before each level we can use items, some paid with gold, others with diamonds. Everything we have to pay with diamonds will most likely come out of our pocket. Nintendo has been generous in offering, at any event, some diamonds to spend, if you want more I have to pay them. Every twenty hours they receive a random gift, either gold coins, diamonds, or any other item.

At a certain level that I am struggling with, I can spend twenty diamonds for the two best aids, as well as seven hundred more gold coins to spend on the other two aids. Of course, we have our lives, which are spent with each new attempt, and then to restore them we have to wait half an hour for a life, up to a maximum of five. However, if you have a lot of friends, this is not a limiting factor unless you play several hours of Dr. Mario World a day.

I fooled myself when I thought it was going to be a great puzzle game. No matter how many great Zelda and Mario games Nintendo creates, like any other company, it wants profits and maximizes them whenever it can. Dr. Mario was the perfect recipe for replicating what games like Candy Crush have been doing for years. Super Mario Run is a great game and was a debut in the peculiar market of Apple and Google as only Nintendo can do with their licenses.

Dr. Mario World is thus an inevitable game; As good as Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heros are, they have mechanics that encourage us to spend on their microtransactions. Dr. Mario World was designed with these kinds of profits in mind. They can have fun with the game, no doubt, but it’s a sensation that only lasts for the first two hours.