Cross-save Finally Arrives on Destiny!

They will finally be able to transfer characters and progress between platforms.

Bungie announced late yesterday through a posting on its official website that the long-awaited cross-save feature will finally reach Destiny 2, its first-person shooter with a strong online component.

Essentially, this means that players will be able to link their accounts across platforms from that date and synchronize their progress so that they can switch between PC, PS4 and Xbox One whenever they want. According to the producer, this platform change can be done unlimitedly, that is, after synchronizing and connecting accounts for the first time, no longer have to worry about taking any action to start playing on another device.

Still, it should be noted that, at least for the near future, there will be no cross- platform cross-play , meaning they can only share the experience in a cooperative mode or battle Crucible with players on the same platform they are playing at that time.

Finally, it is known that when Destiny 2: New Light, the free-to-play edition of the title, becomes available on October 1st, players will be able to transfer their characters to this edition of the game, thus avoiding having to buy content. which will be included in New Light a second time so that progress is not limited to the original device.

Also on October 1st will be available the Shadowkeep expansion which, remember, does not require any of the previous expansions to be played. Still, because it is not included in New Light, they will have to buy the expansion on more than one platform if they want to play it on more than one device.